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Our Dining Nook Reveal!

As I'm sure you've seen recently on Instagram we've been working away creating a cozy little dining nook in our home.  This has been such a fun project, mostly because it has solved the biggest pain point that I personally have with our home - its lack of a designated dining space.   Our home is a rental which means we can't very well go into full demo-mode and create a formal dining room, so we had to be really intentional with our plans for this space and this adorable dining nook was the perfect solution.  We were so fortunate to be able to partner with to source beautiful pieces that are so full of personality to craft this space that is absolutely perfect for us.

It truly blows my mind sometimes what strategic furniture planning can do for a space, we crafted this nook in a little corner of our home that was severely under-utilized before and now this area serves our family so well I can hardly even picture what it looked like before.  I've alwa…

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