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Getting Organized With Kate and Laurel

As I've spoken about on the blog before a major theme that I'm trying to embrace in my life this year is balance.  With that has already come a lot of shifting around and a lot of change in the way that I do things.  I've been putting a huge focus on setting boundaries, having scheduled time for work and for play, and one thing that I wasn't so much anticipating was the very real need to get organized.  I'm sure by this point almost all of us have watched Marie Kondo's Netflix special and felt this incredible urge to purge your house of clutter, get rid of everything that isn't sparking joy and start all over again.  I like to think that our home functions well and for the most part it does... until it doesn't.  We have this awful habit, especially when it comes to documents (i.e.: mail, bills, homework, permission slips, the piece of paper my son barely scribbled on that the teacher deemed important enough to send home…) to just let them pile up and s…

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