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Curating Your Own Creative Haven

As a full-time artist I can honestly say that there's no place in my house that feels more like "home" than my studio.  I love having this space that is fully dedicated to being creative - brainstorming new ideas, and making beautiful things come to life.  No matter what your creative endeavor, from painting to writing, scrapbooking, or anything in between - it's so refreshing to have a space in your home that you feel that you can thrive creatively!

Start by finding a spot in your home that you're able to occupy for creative projects - having a creative space in your home doesn't necessarily mean a full on renovation of the guest bedroom to turn it into your craft room, it could simply mean designating the kitchen table to be a creative space after dinner time.  Figure out what makes sense for you and your home and get to work making it your own personal creative sanctuary!
Give it a good cleaning - it's hard to be fully committed to a creative project whe…

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