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My Favorite Vegan Skin + Haircare!

Our family's journey into vegan living has gone far beyond our diet and is part of every facet of our lives - it's something that I'm asked about often, and I'm working on putting together a full deep-dive into our "why" for choosing a vegan lifestyle + resources to share with you all for a future post.  I know that considering a full-fledged lifestyle change can be really difficult for some, so today I wanted to answer a little "lighter" question that I'm often asked, and that's how I keep my skin + hair routine vegan and cruelty free.

But as most of you know, traditional beauty products are full of animal products, and a lot of brands still test on animals, which vegan or not - most people agree is very cringey.  Lush is a brand that I have always loved, long before we were fully vegan, but when we made the transition to a vegan lifestyle a few years ago and I started to replace the items in my beauty routine with vegan, cruelty-free alte…

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