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There's Snow Place Like Home

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these parts!  Last week we got our first big snow storm of the season, complete with the first snow day off of school and ever since we've been stuck inside a little snow globe accumulating more and more of that sparkly white stuff outside.  I love living in Michigan around the holidays because we never have to dream of a white Christmas, it's kind of a guarantee.

Just as it's cold and snowy outside, it's toasty and cozy inside as we've started to trim the tree and put up our holiday decorations.  I love how magical it all feels this time of year, bringing the greenery inside, twinkle lights everywhere, and a big collection of brightly colored bottle brush trees adorning every shelf in sight.  There's always a holiday candle burning and way too much hot cocoa being sipped around the Christmas tree at night - I'm truly a sucker for the holidays.
Since we moved into our home last year we've been doin…

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