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My 10 Favorite Ways To Flaunt Your Flair

Hey guys!  I'm sure that by now you've seen me happy dancing all over social media posting about the new line of Punny Pins that I'll be releasing tomorrow.  Maybe I'm biased, but I really think that these are some of the best pins that I've made to date, and that's definitely reason enough to celebrate!

It's no secret that I love enamel pins - they are the perfect low-cost way to add personality to any outfit or a little personalization to any accessory and I love that you can switch them out whenever you feel like it!  I've built a pretty large collection of enamel pins over the past couple of years and have so much fun decking out my favorite jean jacket or bags in whatever pins seem to fit my mood that day.  But ever since I started making pins I have been getting messages saying things like "I love pins, but don't love jean jackets, how can I get in on this pin craze too?!" so I have put together this post full of some of my favorite (not-so-obvious) ways that I like to wear and show off my favorite enamel pins!  I hope that you'll find a few new favorite ways to wear your flair!

1. Add Some Sass To Your Straps!

As much as I want to be, I'm just not one of those people who love to go to the gym.  But I'm definitely going to be a lot more excited to go running now that my gym bag is decked out in the cutest pins!  Which pin sums up your mood about going to the gym? 

2. Dress Up Your Collars!

Add a little pop of color and some personality to the collars of your favorite shirts with a pair of pins!  I love what a big impact adding a set of pins to the collars of these blouses makes - you can totally fit them to your mood too - I love "Don't Be Salty" and "Blow Me" as a way to add a little sass too!

3. Jazz Up Your Jumpers!

Headed off to meet a friend for coffee in your favorite jumper?  Why not add a little "Pot Head" pin?  I love the subtle impact this has, and it's the perfect way to add in a little color to tie an outfit together, or to pop against a more neutral outfit like this!

4. Adorn Your Favorite Headscarf or Bandana!

I love the perfect addition of a pin to your favorite headband, headscarf, or bandana!  This is such a cute way to bring your outfit to the next level and really let your personality shine through! 

5. Personalize Your Pack!

Whether you're off to class, a long weekend out of town or a hike in the woods, adding a few of your favorite pins to your backpack is an awesome way to take a plain, boring backpack to the next level.  I love the pop of color that they add!

6. Help Your Hats!

I don't know about where you are, but here in Michigan we're already heading into full blown winter temperatures (it's even supposed to snow this weekend!) so what better way to bundle up for the cooler months than by adorning your favorite hats, head wraps, and earmuffs with some adorable pins? 

7. Compliment Your Coat!

While we're on the topic of the colder weather headed our way, how cute is the addition of a few pins on the collar of my favorite peacoat?  I love how this instantly takes the classic jacket and turns it into a super cute statement piece!

8. A Party On Your Pockets!

Remember this shirt from earlier?  Not only is it absolutely adorable to add a few pins to your collars, but I am totally obsessed with these pretty pin-covered pockets!

9. Overhaul Your Overalls!

I love the return of the overall trend, and what a better way to pay ode to the 90's than by decking out those blue jean bibs with the original accessory of the 90's - pins!  This is such an adorable way to show off some of your pin collection and kind of has me dreaming of dunk-a-roos and pogs (Does anyone really know what the point of that game was?  I may have been too young to get it, I just collected them.)

10. Sweeten Up Your Sweaters!

Last, but definitely not least, add some flair to your favorite sweater!  I love how perfectly these pins accessorize my favorite cardigans - what a great way to personalize your favorite winter staple!

I had so much fun putting together this not-so-obvious guide to wearing your favorite pins and I want to give a special little shout out to my favorite weaving woman, Rebecca from Rehabbed Handmade for helping me model some of these looks for you!  

What is your favorite way to flaunt your flair?  Were there any ideas here that you'd not thought of before but that you're dying to try now?  Let me know in the comments, I can't wait to hear!  And I hope to see you all tomorrow at 12pm EST for the launch of the newest collection of Punny Pins!


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