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I’m Kelsey DeLange: wife, mother, encourager, and the artist behind Honey and the Hive. Welcome to By Honey and the Hive, a lifestyle journal dedicated to living intentionally, crafting a beautiful life, and seeking magic in the every day.

Kelsey DeLange

Things I've Learned From This Year: Business Edition

Hey pals.  So, if you remember in the beginning of this year I did a post all about the ways that I wanted to grow, both as a business owner and on a personal level.  And while I normally am one to say those things are cliche and so silly, this year I have been holding myself accountable and I'…

Welcome to the family, Gatsby!

If you've been following along behind the scenes with me on Instagram stories you're bound to have caught some glimpses of this little sweet heart that has taken over our lives this past month.  I never really talk about our dogs on the blog, but in the spirit of really breaking it down an…

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