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Welcome to the family, Gatsby!

If you've been following along behind the scenes with me on Instagram stories you're bound to have caught some glimpses of this little sweet heart that has taken over our lives this past month.  I never really talk about our dogs on the blog, but in the spirit of really breaking it down and showing you behind the scenes of not only my little business, but and my every day life I wanted to introduce you not only to our newest addition, but the sweet pup we've been loving on for two years, too!

So, first things first, meet Gatsby!  Yes, of course I named him after my favorite book/ favorite movie.  And yes, I do think that The Great Gatsby is (with the exception of Harry Potter) the only film adaption of a book that's even worth talking about - don't even try to change my mind.  ANYWAY, This tiny sweet heart has wiggled his way into our lives after my husband found him left alone in a park in the rain near his work one day.  He brought him to the local humane society and animal shelter to register him, but with the facilities already at capacity they said they couldn't take him and gave us the option of keeping him with us until his owner/ if his owner came forward.  (So, puppy snuggles for a few weeks?  Sign me up!)  We posted him on all of the local missing pets forums that we could find, but as the days went by we started to realize that no one was coming for him any time soon.  After the two week mark, Gatsby was deemed "officially" ours and we were able to take him in to the vet where we found out that he was about 10-12 weeks when Alex found him. While the story of how we came to get Gatsby is a sad one, I like to remember that it was also a circumstance that brought him to a family that absolutely adores him.

I'm so glad that my husband happened to spot Gatsby across the park that day and brought him in to take care of him.  He has such a heart for animals and from the day that we brought Gatsby into our home we were immediately attached.  He fit right into our family dynamic and our older dog, Edie (pronounced Eee-Dee, not Eddie as most people try to call her) was an absolute angel when we introduced the two.  Edie is a German Shepherd/ Husky mix who definitely portrays the qualities of both of her breeds so she is very protective of the family and "her space" but she took the Gatsby with no issue.  She even taught him how to climb the stairs of our house, which was the CUTEST thing in the world to witness.  They love to play together, and Edie, even though she is much bigger and much stronger, will let Gatsby "win" in games of tug of war.

These days Gatsby is thriving.  He and Edie are buddies, our tiny guy absolutely ADORES Gatsby, he's been really receptive as we have been training him and he's doing great.  He is definitely very attached and doesn't like to be left alone or out of view of one of us, but I mean... do we really mind snuggling up with this cutie constantly?  Definitely not!  Gatsby loves going for hikes and is a little adventurer.  He is our little rescue darling and definitely furthers our belief that it's important to adopt, not shop, when it comes to pets.  

I get a lot of questions about him on Instagram, so I hope you liked hearing a little bit more about Gatsby and how he came to be the newest addition to our our little family!

Photography on this post was done by Sydney Marie Photography, My outfit is C/O Unique Vintage.


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