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DIY Easter Egg Wreath

As we come into our third (I think it's the third, I'm losing track of the days at this point) week of quarantine, I've been searching for more and more ways to add a little extra joy and fun into our days at home.  Coming up with crafts that we can do, or making a big game out of things we have to do like clean the house or make dinner have helped to make this time home a little calmer and kept our spirits high.  With Easter at the end of this week it's a perfect time to do themed crafts with kiddos, which is how the idea for this Easter Egg wreath was formed.  I thought I would share how we made ours so that you could make your own!  This was a pretty kid-friendly project, Dallas helped me painting the eggs and placing them on the wreath and I love that we had the opportunity to do this together - it will make hanging it each spring a little more special!

What You Need:

A wreath form (I got mine from Amazon)
Faux Greenery (I used a Eucalyptus spray)
Faux Eggs (Our favorite are these from Target!)
Your favorite craft paints
A paint brush
and a hot glue gun

We did ours over the course of two days, spending the first day painting the eggs, and the second day we assembled our wreath - it kind of stretched out the fun and gave us something to look forward to!

How To Make Your Wreath:

First, you'll paint your eggs!  You can decorate them however you'd like - we opted for solid colors because we knew we wanted to make our wreath look like a rainbow but you can add patterns, paint designs, and really make them your own!

Once your eggs have dried, you can begin assembling your wreath!  Start by attaching your greenery (But leave a couple of loose leaves for yourself for the end of the project!) using your hot glue gun.  I added a few dots of glue to the wreath form, then pressed by greenery into the glue, working in small areas until the entire form was covered to my liking.

Next, attach your eggs!  I suggest laying it out first so that you have an idea of what the final project will look like - once you're happy with how it looks, use your hot glue gun to begin glueing the eggs down onto the greenery.

Finally, using the loose leaves that you reserved for yourself, go around your wreath and add in a few to fill in any sparse spots or just to add a little extra dimension and interest to your wreath - I used mine to add a little separation between eggs giving the wreath a more natural look!

And voila!  You've got yourself an adorable, festive wreath perfect for ringing in spring and the Easter holiday!  Seeing this cutie on our front door brings me so much joy, and I hope as people walk by right now it brings a smile to their face as well.  I hope that you enjoy this little craft - and I'd love to see your wreaths!  Be sure to tag me on Instagram @kelsey.delange so that I can see them too!

I hope you're all staying well and taking care of yourselves right now, and that you have a wonderful Easter - even if it looks a little different this year!


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