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Spring Has Sprung: Inside the Spring Collection

So, I know there is probably some secret rule that you're supposed to love all of your products equally, but this collection is my absolute favorite of all.  (but shhh... don't tell the others)  I always feel like spring is this huge transformative time of year, not only with the obvious changing of the seasons (helloooooo sunshine, this mid-western girl has missed the heck out of you!) but also creatively as well.  As some of those winter blues start to melt away and we can see the grass and sun again I always feel so recharged and excited to make new art.  This year I went all out and poured so much of myself into the new spring collection and I am over the moon excited to share these new pieces with you!  Here's a little peek at everything I've been working so hard on these past few months, before they go live in the shop on Thursday, April 4th!

This collection has a little bit of everything, featuring two new prints, two new drink ware items, and two new stationery pieces that are perfect for every day.  I wanted to build a collection of items that were uplifting and fun, and of course oh-so-cute!

Grow Through What You Go Through - A few months ago on Instagram I opened up a poll asking what I should paint for the spring collection and so many people suggested sunflowers.  For a while I was really stumped on what I wanted to make with a sunflower and then it suddenly seemed absolutely obvious and I got to work on this design.  I personally had some less-than-ideal life things I was working through over the winter months and getting to channel some of that into art that has such a positive and real message was really therapeutic for me.  I think that anyone who has been dealing with life junk or is working on themselves can relate to this piece and love it.  It's the perfect daily reminder to handle all that life throws our way with grace, and use it as a building block to become even more well-rounded and amazing individuals. 

Toucan Do It!  This design is just too dang cute.  I really love painting animals and this adorable toucan was no exception - plus the bright, tropically inspired colors have me absolutely swooning.  I just think this is the perfect print to have hanging in a home office or workspace, living room, or to gift to a friend who is having a rough go of it or just needs a little extra encouragement.  It's the perfect little piece to cheer you on and help to get you through the day!  I loved it so much that I even created a notepad based on it that I'll share a little further down in this post!

The drink ware for this collection is without a doubt my favorite that I have ever designed.  I love making mugs and after making my first set of wine glasses for the Christmas collection last year I was hooked.  I knew that I wanted to create some drink ware that was perfect for all year 'round, and I couldn't be happier with the end result for this collection!

The Buzzed Wine Glasses are an absolute dream.  After creating the Christmas wine glasses I got some feedback that while you folks loved them, they were a little on the small side.  So when creating these new wine glasses I kept that in mind and they are bigger and better than before!  These glasses are 15oz (the previous Christmas design was 9oz) and are absolutely perfect for use all year 'round.  They have the most beautiful matte gold lettering and feature a cute-as-can-be bee!  I think a set of these wine glasses would make for the perfect bachelorette party or housewarming gift, or just as a sweet little way to treat yourself!

I try not to play favorites, honestly.  But these You're Full Of Magic mugs are just too good that I can't help it.  Photos truly cannot do these justice no matter how hard I try - these iridescent mugs reflect the most beautiful rainbow colors - there's seriously nothing like it, they feel like absolute magic.  For both of the drink ware options in this collection I wanted to play around and make designs where lettering was really the star of the show which is definitely different for me.  With this mug I find myself looking forward to my morning coffee even more than before (and trust me, that's saying something!) The beautiful rainbow magic and adorable, uplifting message and design just make me so happy.

Last, but definitely not least I am so excited to share the two new additions to the stationery line!  After creating the Valentine's card collection a few months ago and seeing how excited everyone was for those I knew that I wanted to put some focus and time into creating some stationery pieces that are perfect for everyday use (though I definitely think that the Valentine's Day cards are perfect everyday cards too!) and make things that I constantly find a need for myself.

The Thanks A Bunch card is just an absolutely adorable "Thank You" card.  I always like to have a little stockpile of "Thank You" cards on hand so that we can send one to school when a teacher goes above and beyond, stick one in the neighbor's mailbox when they do something sweet, or thank the mailman with homemade banana bread and a note to let him know we appreciate his hard work - honestly you never know when or why you'll need one but I think it's such a staple to have on hand.

I am over the moon obsessed with the new Toucan Do It notepad.  I'm a list maker through and through - I honestly couldn't function without making a list for my day and I wanted to create a to-do list that was not only absolutely adorable but that made me feel excited and happy every time I looked at it or crossed off a task. I'm so excited to be able to offer these and seriously can't wait to see you all tackling your to-do's on these adorable notepads!

I hope you are as absolutely thrilled about this collection as I am!  The launch is this Thursday, April 4th at 6:00 pm EST I seriously cannot wait to get to send these adorable goodies to their new happy homes and see how you style your prints, sip your drinks in your new drink ware, and write all the thank you's and tackle all the to-do's with the new stationery!

I'd love to hear what your favorite pieces in this collection are!  Drop me a comment and let me know!


  1. I’m a sucker for sunflowers (I might have even suggested them!) so that print is my fave! But I am SO EXCITED for the stationary also!


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