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Celebrating Perfect Imperfections with Olivia Mar

Being a small business owner, especially one that works alone can be a little isolating at times but that is what makes platforms like Instagram and blogging so special - it gives those of us with these types of jobs a way to meet other makers, establish friendships, and form a community with likeminded individuals no matter how far away they are.  One of these such friendships that I'm so thankful for is with my friend Olivia, of RAW By Olivia Mar - Olivia makes absolutely beautiful rings using raw, ethically sourced, and unaltered gem stones that reflect their pure earthly beauty and perfect imperfections.

Getting to know Olivia has been so wonderful, she's such an incredible spirit, she's inspired me to embrace imperfections, celebrate individuality, and notice the remarkable beauty in even the tiniest of things.  Today I got to dive a little deeper and find out her why, and I'm so excited to share a peek into her heart with you!

Tell me a little about yourself?

Hey everyone! I’m Olivia. Founder and designer at RAW by Olivia Mar. My story really begins with how I grew up. Traveling across the United States and Mexico is where my love and passion for life began. As well as my obsession with gems! I am so happy to be here, making beautiful jewelry to represent so many couples love

How long have you been making jewelry?

Most of my life! I was always creating beautiful pieces and made many different kinds of jewelry. But I told myself that I would never pursue anything serious with it unless I found a way to make pieces that were truly unique. I wanted to ensure that each one made was beautiful in its own way, just like the wearer.

What inspires you in your work?

Honestly the gems themselves are my main inspiration. They are so magnificent with all of their raw beauty.

Did you always know this was the path you wanted to take?

Yes! However, how I would get there was something that wasn’t as clear. It took much soul searching and many adventures to finally be where I am today. But the moment I knew, there was so doubt in my mind.

What is the hardest thing about what you do?

As RAW has progressed this has changed many times. But currently I would say coordination, to keep everything running smoothly. Each day there are many moving pieces, especially because of how much growth is happening. Between bringing new people on board, making sure everyone receives their dream piece, sourcing gems, and the actually design of and making. There is never a boring day!

What drives you to get through it?

The look on someone’s face who was proposed to with one of my rings. It is the most amazing honor, I really have no words for how much happiness and joy that brings me.

How do you navigate the work/life balance? Is there something specific you like to do to take care of yourself?

A balance has always been hard for me. I’ve always been a work driven and motivated person. However as RAW has been growing, I’ve learned how crucial it is to take some time to recharge, so when I am busy I am more relaxed and efficient.

To take care of myself in the midst of everything going on, I’ve learned to take regular habits and turn them into small luxuries. The gym has turned into my escape and recharge time. Better sleeping habits has taught me to really appreciate quiet evenings. And for added luxuries I love to incorporate sugar scrubs, face masks etc. into my daily shower routine. This has also made me much more intentional and has taught me to enjoy and look forward to the things.

What’s something wild we may not know about you?

How many gems I actually have in my personal collection! So many.  During all of my travels and gem sourcing I tend to always run across absolutely amazing, one of a kind gems that I HAVE to buy and set aside. Because at some point, I know that gem might be the perfect gem for someone’s dream wedding ring! So when I get emails with someone’s vision of their ring, I’m probably more than likely to have what they are looking for.  I'm also a professional ballroom dancer and instructor!

Do you have anything new in the works?

So many exciting things!  Soon we will be releasing my new ring designs, as well as adding earrings and necklaces to our RAW line.  Plus within the next few months we will be launching my new line of LUXE rings which will all be able to be set in sold gold settings.  Think raw diamonds!  You can follow along at @luxebyoliviamar for previews of the new collection!

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Olivia and the heart behind her business, we're hosting a special giveaway together on Instagram where you have a chance to win your very own RAW by Olivia Mar ring and some Honey and the Hive goodness too so head over to IG and enter to win!

Photographed are two of my favorite rings by RAW from my personal collection, the Geode and Tourmaline Ring and the Large Moonstone Ring


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