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Our Bedroom Renovation

Hellllllo spring time!  I am so here for this incredible sunny weather we've been having up here in Michigan.  The snow is finally starting to melt away from what feels like the longest winter ever and everything is starting to feel fresh and new and revived!  Speaking of fresh and new, I'm so excited to share our bedroom renovation with you today!  

We rent a cute little house in one of our favorite neighborhoods of the city, and while we absolutely love where it is we haven't always loved how it looked.  When we moved in the walls of each room were a mix of a lot of dark tones - dreary grays and dingy looking taupes (and do you remember the red wall in the living room?!) that totally didn't jive well with us or our style so we've been working away at renovations to make this adorable old little house feel like home.

Custom Dreamcatcher by Blending by Betty |  Mirrored Tray from Kate and Laurel  |  Shelved Mirror from Kate and Laurel 

Over the past couple of months we have been focusing on our bedroom - it's a super small room (old house perks) that was previously a dark gray that made it seem even smaller and the space just always felt so gloomy.  We had a collection of mis-matched furniture that we'd collected over the years, a pallet style bed Alex had built when we lived in our old home, and that was about it.  It was underwhelming and anything but the relaxing, tranquil space that we wanted it to be.  I really wish I had some "before" photos to show you so that you could truly see what an incredible glow up this was, but I think you can kind of imagine it for me, right?

The first thing we did was paint the walls a fresh, bright white.  It always blows me away what a huge difference a coat of paint will do for a space.  Immediately the room felt brighter, bigger, and more cheerful.  I wanted to create a space that really served as a relaxing, calm space to wind down at the end of the day, but that also was cheerful and uplifting and the perfect place to wake up in the morning.  We blended Mid-Century Modern furniture - all from Joybird, with more eclectic, bohemian details, natural woods to reflect the original trim in the home, and gorgeous luxe gold finishes and lots of lush pants to create a space that is so uniquely us - I can't imagine it any other way.

I absolutely love our new bed, it's the Hughes Bed from Joybird, we also chose the Blythe nightstands.  I love how the wood details in the nightstands really play up the natural wood trim in the space.  One of the biggest struggles I had in planning the space was what to do on the wall behind the bed.  We opted for these cool floating shelves filled with plants which I think totally makes the space.  On Alex's side of the bed we also added one of these Tian Wall Planters with a few cute succulents and I just love the way it came together.

A big challenge we had with the space before was a lack of storage, especially for clothing.  We had these cool bins that slid under our previous bed that we kept our clothes in, but it just wasn't the most practical solution.  It was inevitably always a mess and we could never find anything so I absolutely love our new dresser, not just because it's beautiful but because it's alleviated so much stress from our morning routines as we're now able to easily find the clothing we're looking for.  It is from the same collection as our nightstands and is absolutely beautiful, but it also houses so much - we are able to store so much more now than we were before in a way that makes sense and works better for our lifestyle.  I also love love LOVE this gorgeous mirror.  It's the Odel Mirror from Joybird - it's huge, and so beautiful - it definitely gives the illusion that the space is much bigger than it is which is helpful in such a teeny tiny bedroom.

One of my personal favorite parts of the room is this little corner nook atop the dresser.  It's the perfect little space for getting ready and I love the mix of luxe gold finishes on the tray and mirror paired with the more natural elements from the wood finishes on the dresser and our plants.  Here's a closer little peek at the Palmistry artwork, designed by my friend Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber.  I love that little pop of pink and the float glass frame gives it such a fun, mystical feel.  This custom woven dream catcher was made by my friend Bridget Prater of Blending by Betty.  It was one of the very first pieces that we got when we were started renovating the space and all of the color inspirations have really come from it.  The gorgeous texture and all of those beautiful, tranquil tones can be found throughout the room and just absolutely make this space.

Rug from RugsUSA | Golden Planter from Kate and Laurel

Abbey Chest from Joybird | Gold Mirrored Tray from Kate and Laurel | Cactus Artwork from Kate and Laurel

This is another little spot that I really love.  The smaller chest we chose here really anchors the space between the two doors and gives us more room for storage that we were lacking before.  We've kind of made it the perfect zen space with our essential oil diffuser, and favorite candles and books we're currently reading.  

And of course we have Gatsby's favorite spot, this beautiful bench from Joybird.  We chose the same fabric as our bed (the Taylor Felt Gray) and it's absolutely beautiful and ties the space together so well.  It serves as the perfect spot to sit and read or apparently as a great dog bed too *shrug* 

Well, there ya have it!  It feels so good to finally see this room complete and I don't think we could possibly love it any more than we do.  It's been so much easier to keep it organized with all of the extra storage which makes coming in here at the end of the night to wind down so much more relaxing.  It's the perfect mix of tranquil and cheerful and I feel like it so perfectly represents our style.


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