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My Favorite Vegan Skin + Haircare!

Our family's journey into vegan living has gone far beyond our diet and is part of every facet of our lives - it's something that I'm asked about often, and I'm working on putting together a full deep-dive into our "why" for choosing a vegan lifestyle + resources to share with you all for a future post.  I know that considering a full-fledged lifestyle change can be really difficult for some, so today I wanted to answer a little "lighter" question that I'm often asked, and that's how I keep my skin + hair routine vegan and cruelty free.

But as most of you know, traditional beauty products are full of animal products, and a lot of brands still test on animals, which vegan or not - most people agree is very cringey.  Lush is a brand that I have always loved, long before we were fully vegan, but when we made the transition to a vegan lifestyle a few years ago and I started to replace the items in my beauty routine with vegan, cruelty-free alternatives I kept finding myself at our local Lush store time and time again, trying new products and finding cruelty-free and vegan replacements that were even better than the products I had been using before.  I feel like there's this misconception that products that are cruelty-free or don't contain animal products are "bad" or "subpar" but friends, I have found natural, safe for the planet, better for the animals products that I love 1,000 times more than anything else I've ever used.

A few months ago Lush corporate sent me into my local Lush store for a one-on-one tour to test out new products, drop some bath bombs, and learn even more about their incredible line of cruelty-free and natural products.  As someone who has been shopping at Lush for years, and who at this point considers themselves a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to natural beauty and skincare, this was such a fun experience and I left with a ton of knowledge that I didn't even know I was missing!  During my shop tour I got to sample new products and take home some new things to incorporate into my daily routine as well as some tried and true favorites, and I'm really excited to get to share a bit of what I've come to love from Lush to help you on your own journey into vegan, cruelty-free, and natural skincare and beauty products.

I know, I know.  Every blogger and their mom wants to talk to you about their skincare routine *insert the famous meme here* but hear me out - when you're making the leap from traditional products that are likely full of chemicals that you've just had enough of to natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products, I think it's so helpful to have a friend guiding you through the process.  It can be like a whole new world!  This is actually another reason that I LOVE Lush, their staff members are so knowledgeable and helpful and can find you exactly what you need for your particular skin-type and preferences.  Below I'm going to walk you through my skin and hair routines, which are 100% cruelty-free and full of products that I feel good about using, not only because they're good for the planet and for the animals, but because they've worked wonders for my skin and hair.  I've never had better skin than I do right now as I approach 30, and it's definitely due to my dietary shift + the products that I've found at Lush!  But it's also important to remember that what works for me may not be the best fit for you - we all have different skin and hair, so if you're curious about anything please feel free to drop a question in the comments on this post, or please head into your local Lush store (or online!  Their customer care team can help you there too!) to find products that are perfect for your specific needs.

Without further ado, let's dive in!


These are my tried and true absolute favorite products for my skin.  I go through my skincare routine 2x a day, once in the morning and once before bed, and at the end you'll find a few of my favorite "sometimes" products for extra indulgence or when your skin just needs a little extra TLC.

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
This face cleanser is my absolute favorite!  I've been using it for years in conjunction with another Lush cleanser called Dark Angels.  Angels on Bare skin is filled with lavender, rose, and chamomile so it's so gentle and soothing on the skin.  A few years ago before transitioning to our vegan lifestyle I had a very bad bout of hormonal acne and this cleanser was the only thing that was gentle enough on my face that it didn't leave it hurting afterwards.  This is my favorite cleanser to use at night before bed, it's so gentle and calming and leaves my skin feeling soothed and relaxed.

Eau Roma Water Toner
After a gentle scrub down with Angels on Bare skin, I love to spritz a little bit of Eau Roma Water toner on my face.  This yummy toner is another super soothing formula - it is made with rose water and lavender. It pairs perfectly with Angels on Bare skin to balance out the skin's oils and leave it feeling calm and supple.

Light Touch Naked Facial Oil
One of my favorite things about Lush is their commitment to naked.  Yeah, you read that right!  Over the past couple of years whenever possible Lush has opted to make products packaging free so not only are they amazing and cruelty free, but they're also better for the environment.  This is a new-to-me product that I was introduced to during my store tour, but I've been adding it to my routine over the past couple of weeks and I'm obsessed.  Just as it's name suggests, it's a super light weight moisturizer that's packed full of antioxidant rich goodness like spirulina and witch hazel to keep your skin clear.  It's got a light fruity scent, and is super calming and refreshing.

Enchanted Eye Cream
I've just started using an eye cream in the last couple of months as I've noticed it becoming a need in my routine.  I really love Enchanted because it's light and soothing and packed full of vitamin e to reduce swelling and leave my under-eye area feeling moisturized and fresh.

Vanishing Cream Moisturizer
This is the final step in my daily skincare routine, and quite possibly my favorite product of all time from Lush.  Vanishing cream is the lightest, most incredible moisturizer and has been exactly what my skin needs to stay balanced and soft.  It's full of lavender and witch hazel to calm your skin while tightening your pores and has the best scent.  It's a little on the pricier side, but I 100% find it worth it, I've never found another moisturizer that even comes close to this one.

Grease Lightning
This next product isn't something that I use every day, but it has been an absolute god-send when I do get the occasional break out.  It's a blend of thyme, tea tree, and rosemary with calming aloe vera gel and is perfect for dabbing on problem areas to clear up blemishes and calm irritated skin.

Cup of Coffee Face Mask
This is also not an every-day product, but something I like to use when I'm feeling a little more indulgent.  This is my favorite face mask - it wakes up my skin, smells like yummy coffee, and always leaves me feeling energized and ready to take on the way when I wash it off.


Truth be told, my day-to-day hair care routine is very simple.  I have very "normal" hair, it's pin straight and doesn't require much maintenance,  so most days I just wash it and add a little R+B and I'm all set.  When I do curl or style my hair there are a few other products that I like to have on hand though, and I'm going to share those with you too!

Honey I Washed My Hair Naked Shampoo Bar
Just like the Light Touch Naked Facial Oil, this baby is package free.  Maybe you've heard of shampoo bars and maybe you haven't, but we made the switch to only purchasing solid shampoo about a year ago and have never looked back.  At first the idea seemed a little weird, but it's basically a bar of soap that you rub into your hair - these babies lather up beautifully and last quite a bit longer than their plastic bottled counter parts.  I love this particular shampoo bar mostly for the scent, it is the dreamiest honey-toffee scent and is truly a treat for your hair.  It leaves my hair feeling so soft and bouncy!

American Cream Naked Conditioner Bar
Another packaging free dream!  I truly could have jumped for joy when they made American Cream a solid conditioner bar - I'd long-since been a fan of American Cream conditioner before transitioning into our vegan lifestyle but quit using it as the packaged version is not vegan, however this baby is package-free, cruelty-free, and completely vegan with the same amazing scent + benefits of the original.  Win/ Win/ Win.  American Cream smells like the yummiest, dreamiest milkshake and helps my hair to be so soft and shiny.  I absolutely love it.

R+B Hair Moisturizer
This is the stuff of dreams, truly.  I started using R+B back when I was constantly coloring my hair, it was so dry and damaged and a little of this moisturizer in my damp hair after showering has truly brought it back to life.  Alex uses it in his beard too for some extra moisture + keeping things tame in his mane.

Sea Spray Hair Mist
This is the final step in my "all the time" hair routine.  Just a few spritzes of Sea Spray is perfect for adding a little texture to your hair.  I have pin straight hair, so I like to spray it into damp hair after showering and scrunch my hair a little for a very subtle and soft beachy wave.  I also don't use traditional "hair spray" so the extra hold that Sea Spray gives is perfect when I do braids or other hair styles that I want to last through the day!

Dirty Styling Cream
This was one of the new-to-me products that was suggested to me during my store tour.  I love the scent of it, it's super woodsy with a blend of sandalwood and pine and gives hair a great hold while keeping it nice and moisturized.  Truthfully because of how I style my hair it isn't something that I have found myself using often, but it's been great for styling my son's hair and something we'll definitely keep around.

Roots Hair Treatment
This was the final new-to-me product that was suggested during my store through and I really love this one.  Because I have very straight, "normal" hair, Roots is great to get a little extra volume and lift - it's got a combination of peppermint and spearmint oil that sort of wakes up your scalp and gives a little extra lift at the root.  It's really perfect to use in the morning, it gets you feeling energized and makes your hair smooth and gives a little boost of volume that lasts all day!

If you're starting from square one, or if you're just looking to adopt some new products into your routine, I hope that this has helped you to see that transition to a cruelty-free and vegan beauty routine is so easy and honestly has been a lot of fun.  I love learning about new products and the benefits that natural plant-based ingredients have for our bodies and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to partner with Lush to show you the products that I use daily and have found so much value in.

Disclaimer: Most of these products were gifted to me by Lush and I want to say thank you so much for their kindness and generosity.  That being said, all of the opinions and thoughts shared here are completely those of my own, and all of these products (with the exception of those I have mentioned are new-to-me or suggested to me on my shop tour experience) are things I have been purchasing myself for months, or even years.  If you have any questions about any of the products I so encourage you to drop them below, or check out your local Lush store or Lush online - their team is so helpful and knowledgeable about finding the products that work best for you!


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