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It's Fall, Ya'll - A Look Inside The Fall Collection


Fall is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite season of all.  Maybe it’s because I’m an October baby but I’ve always loved the crisp cool air, curling up on the couch watching spooky movies, seeing the leaves change color, and of course, Halloween.  Most of my birthday parties growing up were Halloween costume parties, I would trick-or-treat for hours and hours with my dad - his rule was always that he would go as long as I would go, and we were always the last ones out when the porch lights would turn off for the night, my dad lugging my heavy candy bag as I ran from house to house.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are of trick-or-treating with my dad.  As I’ve gotten older my love for Halloween has only intensified (as I write this I’m sitting here listening to Monster Mash because what else do you do on the first cool day of the season?!) so it’s only natural that fall and Halloween are my absolute favorite things to design for.  So much so that I've been working on this collection since June (but resisting the urge since February when I started jotting down ideas of what I wanted to do with this collection).  It's my biggest collection ever, with more products than I have ever released, and I am so so excited to finally share everything with you.

This collection has everything.  There are four new Punny Pin designs, two new mugs, three new prints, and *drumroll please* apparel is making a come back!  It has been so fun to let my spooky side run wild and create a collection that is so packed with Halloween goodness while still sticking true to those encouraging, punny, Honey and the Hive roots.  While I'm one to truly sport my Halloween goods all year 'round, I love that this collection is very versatile - most of these items are not only perfect for the season, but can definitely be loved and worn all year long!

The "Cute As Hell" pin was the first piece that I dreamed up for the Fall collection, and I think it definitely speaks for my feelings about the entire collection. This adorable little bat is giving off some major confidence vibes and I am here for it!  I think everyone deserves to feel cute as hell, and I hope that you all wear this pin loud and proud!

You all know by know that I believe in magic, especially the special blend of magic that is inside each and every one of us.  The "Make Your Own Magic" celebrates that.  You have the power to create, to do, and to be anything that you want and I hope that this adorable crystal ball pin serves as a reminder of just that.  It has the most adorable little glitter details in the stars, and is such a beautiful, detailed pin I know that I'll be wearing mine all year long!

"You Glow Girl"!  This adorable little jack-o-lantern is the seasonal partner to my popular "You Grow Girl" pin!  If there's one thing that I believe in, it's encouraging others and I like to think of this design as a little bit of wearable encouragement that you can take with you wherever you go.  This perfect little pumpkin makes the perfect gift to celebrate your pals, or to celebrate yourself!

"With Please"!  Did you think I'd forget about my sassy spooksters?  Of course I had to throw down some of that good ol' fashioned Honey and the Hive sass for Halloween.  I'm obsessed with this little witchy pin, just like the "Make Your Own Magic" pin I've included the cutest glitter details in the stars to make this pin oh so special.

Nothing says fall quite like cuddling up on the couch with fluffy blankets and a cup of hot apple cider or pumpkin flavored anything.  I knew that I wanted to make mugs that would be the perfect accompaniment for these moments, and make you smile every time you reach for them in the cupboard.

The "Leaf Me Alone" mug might look familiar to some of you who have been around for a while.  I created a "Leaf Me Alone" mug last year that was very similar, and while I liked it, I didn't love it.  This year I gave this design an upgrade and swapped the color scheme for this dreamy teal on mint combo, and I confidently say that I LOVE this mug.  #officialmugoffall, am I right?

Where my witches at?!  The "Basic Witch" mug is just about the dreamiest mug there is, I'm obsessed with the super unique horn shape, the incredible matte black finish, and this whimsical hand-lettering!  It's the perfect mug to start your morning with, I've been using mine non-stop since they got here (you know... product testing, right?)

I feel like prints are the cornerstone of every Honey and the Hive collection and you guys... these prints are some of the best I've ever made.  I truly don't think that I'll be able to put these away when Halloween is over, they're so good that they need to be up all year long!

"You Lift My Spirits" is, I think, my favorite thing I have ever painted.  Maybe it's the combination of the sweet encouraging message with the cute and creepy imagery, or it might be that I feel like I have really honed in on my technique here in a way that I can't help but be proud of, or you know, it might just be that I have quite literally painted my (haunted) dream house, but I LOVE this print.  It is perfect for gifting to your partner or pals, and makes such a perfect addition to anyone's Halloween decor.  But this piece right here is my favorite thing in the entire Halloween line!

It's just not Halloween without watching Hocus Pocus, and this year I've created a special nod to my very favorite Halloween movie.  "I Put A Spell On You" is the perfect witchy wall decor, I love these witchy hands and the playful way that they are summoning the hand-lettering in this design.  I can't even look at it without Bette Midler's iconic voice in my head.

"Stay Spooky", my boos!  Keep it creepy all year long with this adorable little apparition.  This piece is so classically Halloween it's scary!

Finally, my big surprise is the long-awaited return of APPAREL to Honey and the Hive! The one thing I am asked for the most when asking what I should bring to the shop is apparel, apparel, apparel.  This line has SO MANY adorable options to sport your favorite designs!  All of the apparel items are comfy + cozy, unisex fit, and have a great range of sizes that I am so so proud to offer.  

Apparel as most of you know has been such a hard thing for me to keep in the shop, it sells out FAST and when designing it can be really hard to find apparel that has inclusive sizing at an affordable price, but I'm so excited to have finally found a solution to those woes and be able to offer these adorable pieces!

First the "Cute As Hell" bat is helping us to live our best life!  I love this comfy cozy sweatshirt, it's got a super soft fleece lining, and is perfect for the chilly fall nights headed our way.  I've also created a super cute tote bag with this design, perfect for hauling your trick-or-treat candy, or anything else you could imagine (cause you know... nothing is scarier than single use plastic!).  And finally this adorable unisex crewneck is absolutely adorable!  I love to wear mine tied in the front with my favorite high-waisted skinny jeans, or tucked into a cute skirt!

The "Stay Spooky" design was originally created with the intention of only being on apparel, but I loved it so much that I had to paint it and turn it into prints too!  These adorable apparel pieces are perfect for boasting your spooky side and I am obsessed with how they turned out!

I hope that you love these items as much as I do. Finally seeing everything together is pretty surreal, so much time and love went into this collection, and I am feeling so proud seeing it all come together.  

The collection launches tomorrow, September 5th at 12:00 pm EST, I can't wait to see you there!


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