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Our Cozy Holiday Reading Nooks!

Oh my word, I can hardly believe it but the shipping deadlines have come to pass and the holiday season work whirlwind has come to a close this week!  This has been by far the busiest holiday season ever for Honey and the Hive and as tired as I am from it all, I am even more grateful.  This year I'm taking a few weeks off to re-charge, and I'm really excited to get this time to just relax and enjoy the holidays with my little family.  Our little dude's birthday is nestled in there right between Christmas and New Year's too so it's just a really big season of celebration for us.

We'll also be hosting a lot of family for get togethers and parties celebrating both Christmas and New Years and I'm so excited to get to have everyone in our home - a lot of of them for the first time since we started doing our renovations!  This past weekend we worked with Overstock.com on one of my favorite projects of all - cozy reading nooks in our living room!

We have a very long, narrow living room (yay old house quirks!) and before these corners - while they previously did house bookcases, felt like really under utilized space.  We wanted to turn them into something comfy and cozy where we could cuddle up with a book and read, enjoy a good cup of cocoa or a festive cocktail, and that practically, and beautifully gave us extra seating in the living room for hosting friends and family during the holidays.

We brought in these bookcases, to replace the very dark wood ones we previously had in here and I love how much this one little change has impacted the space.  It makes a world of difference and the entire room feels so much lighter and brighter.  As you can see our living room is right off of our entry way and I love that this little nook is the first thing you see when you enter the room - it's just so cozy and welcoming.  We added a few of our favorite books and some cute little accessories like plants, and this cute tiered tray to the shelves to dress them up and of course a few bottle brush trees to make them feel festive!

For the seating we went with these adorable mid-century modern inspired chairs.  They are absolutely beautiful and so comfy!  In our previous living room reveal we showed off our gorgeous teal velvet couch - I really wanted to keep that a focal point of the room and go more neutral with our reading nook seating, but to keep it all very cohesive and flowing together.  I love the way that these teal throw pillows simply and perfectly bring those gorgeous velvet and colorful details into the reading nooks to create a perfect sense of unity throughout the oversized space.We paired them with these adorable textured knit throw pillows (and you know I can't resist a cozy blanket) and they truly are the coziest little seats in the house.

One of my favorite details of this nook is this gorgeous lamp!  It is seriously the stuff of dreams!  It was the first piece to arrive for this renovation and I have been so anxiously awaiting everything else to build these nooks around it.  Plus, it's even adjustable so we can change up the angle!  When the lamp is on it has a really soft glow so it just adds to how ambient and comfortable these reading nooks are to cuddle up with a good book or have a good conversation with friends.

We also brought in this gorgeous hand woven shag rug.  I love how neutral it is, but that it also brings in the gorgeous teal and gold tones that can be found throughout the entire space.  It really ties the entire room together in the most beautiful way.  It even has Gatsby's approval - when we first unrolled it he was absolutely obsessed and was rolling around on it for the longest time.  I have a video, it was precious.

And of course, we have to talk about our gorgeous bar cart!  I love the antique style of this cart - it's absolutely beautiful and fits so perfectly in the space plus it's awesome for entertaining during the holidays!  We decked it out with a few of our favorite must-haves like these gorgeous gold confetti stemless wine glasses (they're oversized and perfect for festive little cocktails too!), the gorgeous crystal decanter for our whiskey loving hearts, and these beautiful lucite candle holders on the top - adorned with some pretty eucalyptus and twinkle lights it's beautifully decorated for holiday entertaining!

On the bottom shelf we have this gorgeous classic white and gold ice bucket, our favorite cocktail shaker, and a set of Moscow Mule mugs - which is my drink of choice, especially in the winter months.  We also chose this gorgeous gold mirror bottom tray for it all which is absolutely beautiful.  Another little detail that I love is this oversized wooden tray, it's perfect for holding a drink and your book as you snuggle up and enjoy the space and and has also made cleaning up after guests so much easier since we can just load up the tray with everything and bring it to the kitchen to be washed.  We've also set the bar cart up as a hot cocoa bar for our little guy as a surprise after school which was so much fun!  

I couldn't be happier with how these little nooks turned out, they make such a big impact in the living area and have turned what was such under-used space into something beautiful and cozy that can be enjoyed by ourselves and all of our guests during the holiday season.  I can't wait to host everyone over the next few weeks and share this space with them.  Do you host any holiday gatherings?  This is our first year being the hosts and I'm so excited!  I hope that you all have the most wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

We want to thank Overstock.com for partnering with us to create such a special space in our home.  I've linked all of the products that we chose in this blog post so that you can check them out for yourself too!


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