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Creating A Home

I am seriously so excited to share our living room renovation with you guys today!  As much as I have always wanted to share more intimate parts of our life with you, like our home, we've always rented and we've never really had a space that felt like "us".  I think it's so important to feel at home in your house, whether you own or rent.  We live in a super cute older house and I had been dreaming of painting some of the dreary walls and bringing in new updated furniture basically since we moved in, so a few months ago I finally just said "what the heck" and asked our landlords if we could paint.  I swear that I could have literally jumped for joy when he said yes!

The first spot that I wanted to focus on was our living room - we spend the most time there so it just felt natural, but it was also the biggest eyesore in the house.  Our living room is very long and the placement of door ways and windows makes for a really tough layout to navigate from a design standpoint.   It doesn't help that up until now it's been a sea of dark beige and red.  It was just about the dreariest and most awkward space that you could possibly dream up.  When we moved into our house last year we had originally split the living room into two areas to get the most out of the space.  We had the couch in the center of the room facing the TV with our cabinets behind it that housed all of Dallas's toys, creating an area for play, and an area for sitting around the TV and socializing.   It always felt a little awkward - and although it was nice to have any mess from scattered toys to be out of sight and out of mind when we were watching a movie at the end of the night, we knew that we wouldn't be going back to the same arrangement. 

As you can see before the room had just been too much.  There was too much going on - the wall color clashed with everything that we owned and liked, it was so dark despite all the amazing natural light that the room gets, we never even hung art or photos on the walls because nothing matched and it was just such a draining space to be in, so when it came time to paint I knew that I wanted to really, really scale it back.  We opted for white - it's clean, it's simple, it brightens up the space like no one's business, and it allows our furniture and the things that we love to really be the star of the show.

Speaking of the star of the show, in came this velvety teal dream couch from Joybird.  I love color, but by taking the color away from the walls and opting for a brightly colored couch it's really able to pop in the space.  The Royale Peacock color is an absolute dream and  I've always wanted a couch with a chaise so Briar Sectional gave me total heart eyes.  It's design is the perfect nod to Mid-Century Modern which I love and it's become my absolute favorite spot to cuddle up with a book on the weekends. Once we brought in the couch it was totally effortless building the rest of the room around it.  It's seriously amazing what the right piece of furniture can do for a room!

We decided to really open up the space by placing the couch against the back wall and really utilizing the length of the room - it feels so much bigger and more inviting now.  We moved the cabinets to the far side of the room and turned that into a really gorgeous space all it's own.  Alex hung floating shelves and I picked some of my favorite plants to make this little corner really have purpose. We got this globe years ago when Alex and I were first dating and worked together at a thrift store.  Having it now next to our wedding photo makes me happy and is a fun reminder of the beginning of our relationship - it's seriously little touches like this that make a space so special.

The next thing that we knew we wanted after opening up the room was to find a good area rug to really define the seating area and anchor that in as the focal point of the space.  I wanted to find something that not only pulled the gorgeous blue tones from the couch but that also highlighted and pulled together some of the other colors in our decor.  I found this gem at Rugs USA and it was the perfect blend of playful and sophisticated to tie the space together.  I love the bohemian feel that it adds to the space, it gives off so much character and really shows our personality.  It's so gorgeously made and I swear that I could get lost staring at all of the intricate details of it for hours - plus the dogs love to cuddle up on it so it's a win/ win!

With our bright white slate and an established color scheme for the room, we finally got to hang art and photos on the walls.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to get some of my favorite family photos printed.  We wanted to create a little gallery wall of some of our favorite memories and Canvas on Demand made it so easy to turn our favorite photos into canvases.  I love the dimension that they add and how vibrant the colors are.  We also made a few framed prints of a few of my designs - The Future is In Your Hands and Grow Your Own Way are both really special to me and these are the first pieces of my own art that I've ever displayed in our home (go big or go home, right?!) they did such an amazing job of printing and framing these pieces and I love having these designs that are so special to me displayed proudly in our living room.  Canvas on Demand is also offering a coupon code for all of you who are interested in getting your own canvas wraps or prints made!  The code "HONEYANDHIVE" is good for 50% off your entire purchase! 

I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be in this room now!  It is the perfect reflection of our personal style - a little mid-century meets boho and we are genuinely thriving in here now.  It's the perfect spot to cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea, play board games as a family, and now we even have our friends over and can be totally excited to share our home with them!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek inside of our home!  I'm excited to start tacking a few other rooms and making this house feel like a super special home for our little fam!


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