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Welcome to the Frocktail Party!

Happy Friday, folks!  This has been such a fun and productive week for Honey and the Hive - the beginning of the week was spent in Chicago and these past few days I have been in total worker bee status drawing and painting up a storm - I've got so many fun new things to show you all!  But, I figured we should probably kick off the weekend with a little something fun, so when Unique Vintage reached out to me and asked me to make a drink inspired by one of their dresses, I was totally on board!

The dress that I chose is the Good Ship dress, it has the cutest nautical anchor print and I love the flared silhouette.  Michigan is surrounded by lakes and we have a ton of them on the mainland too.  I grew up on a lake and it was one of the best parts of my childhood - I remember spending days out on the boat and always drinking pink lemonade when we were out there, so I decided to make a "grown up" version of my favorite summertime drink.

Here's What You'll Need:
  • Simply Lemonade (or your favorite lemonade will do the trick!)
  • Pomegranate Juice 
  • Bicardi Limon
  • Fresh Lemon Slices
  • A Shot Glass
  • Fun straws and your favorite glass - I used a Mason Jar
Making this drink is easy peasy, here's how:
  1. Pour two shots of Bircardi Limon in your glass
  2. Fill the glass 2/3 of the way up with lemonade
  3. Top it off with a splash of pomegranate juice
  4. Garnish with a fresh lemon slice and a fun straw
And ta-dah!  You've got yourself a perfectly nautical summer staple!  You can even choose to nix the alcohol and just enjoy a sweet, refreshing sip!

There's seriously nothing more refreshing or that reminds me of the water more than this, and I love getting to sip it in this adorable dress!  The Good Ship dress is also Unique Vintage's Dress of the Month.  Right now they're giving away a year long subscription to the Dress of the Month Club on their website.  Head on over to Unique Vintage for all of the rules and to enter!  Heck, you can even do it with a cute cup of lemonade in hand!

I hope that you all enjoyed this little peek into my recipe box, I hope to share some more fun gobbles and gulps with you from time to time.  Have a great weekend!


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