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Confessions Of A Plant-aholic

Okay, I'm going to let you in on a little secret … I think I'm addicted to house plants.  Over the course of the last year we went from one little pothos plant to a our own little at-home jungle.

What can I say?  Having a home full of luscious greenery makes me happy!  I love that you can probably stand at any point in our home and there will be a plant in your view.  These blossoming babes have really made our house feel like a home and adding in the weekly routine of slowing down and taking time to water the plants and check in on them has become something that I really look forward to - I think that it helps me to remember to slow down and take care of myself as well.  

We started collecting more plants after I had some breathing issues surface about a year ago.  I spent so much time researching different ways to improve my lung health and the air quality in our home and one thing that I kept seeing mentioned was house plants!  I guess it seems a pretty obvious answer - plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which freshens the air, but it also helps to eliminate airborne toxins.  I really loved having plants in our home!  They're visually so pretty, but they have so many positive effects on our bodies and brains too.

It really comes as no surprise that I'd eventually channel some of that love into my art, which brings me to my latest mini-print collection!  

This design right here is the one that really set me off on the path to making this collection!  Being someone who has personal struggles with mental health and maintaining a positive mindset, having our plant babies to look after and having the very visual gratification of seeing them blooming and thriving has been a great tool in my personal journey to positivity.  I love looking around our home and seeing all of the luscious leaves, vines, and flowering beauties - it made me realize that I Have Planty Of Reasons To Smile!  And of course as soon as that popped into my head I rushed to my studio to start drawing.

Once I started drawing and dreaming up clever plant designs, I just couldn't stop!  Being the dorky hopeless romantic that I am, of course I snuck a little mushy gushy lovey dovey design in there - I'm Hung Up On You is my new favorite punny way to say, "I love you".  Can you imagine getting this print along with a little plant baby from your honey?  Gosh, I think I'd just melt (I don't think my husband reads my blog but if he does, hello here's a hint!) plants and art are gifts that are always welcome!

Finally, I had to throw in something a little sassier - it wouldn't be a Honey and the Hive collection if I didn't throw some shade, right?  Personally, I really love this unapologetic, tough love print.  Instead of letting something small ruin your day, Succ It Up!  You're a tough, baddass boss babe - you got this!  I kind of love this one for a gift too - I know that if I was going through a rough patch and one of my pals brought me this and a little succulent to care for it'd definitely help put a little pep in my step and nudge me in the right direction.

Now, I know you're probably not supposed to pick a favorite plant, just as you're not supposed to pick a favorite child - but if we're here talking about plants I have to brag about my pride and joy right?  So, I'm just going to leave this here.

I hope you loved hearing a little about my newest obsession and the inspiration behind this mini-collection.  Do you have a favorite plant, any awesome plant keeping tips, or a funny plant tale to share?  I'd love to hear them, let me know in the comments!

To view the new collection in all it's planty glory, click here!


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