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Studio Scenes: March

Okay, you guys things have been CRAZY lately, and I mean that in the best possible way.  I have eluded to so many big projects being in the works, and I KNOW I have been teasing you with what these things could be for months now but I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share some of the huge projects that I have been working on with you!

One of my biggest goals for 2018 in my business and with my art was to get to work with, and design for, other businesses.  I love what I do and I just want to design product lines for everyone because I have so much fun doing it!  Plus, when you work from home and spend most of your working day alone it's so refreshing to get to collaborate and work together with someone else on a project.

In January my dear friend Jessica from The Hook Nook reached out to me about making enamel pins for her.  Jessica is a crochet queen and has the best heart of anyone I have ever met, we worked together toward the end of 2017 making pins for her VIP boxes to celebrate 100,000 subscribers and it was instantly a maker match made in heaven.  Say that 10 times fast, I dare you.

Jessica wanted to make more of the Proud Hooker pins that we had initially worked on together, and add a new design to the mix - something that was inclusive of more than just the crochet community, but makers and crafters of all kinds so we came up with the Maker's Gonna Make pin!  It was so much fun merging together imagery from several of my favorite crafts like sewing, knitting, and crochet into something that was so cute and a representation of the maker spirit.  These pins sold out in less than 24 hours when Jessica launched them which was just… insanity.  Truth be told Jessica and I have more up our sleeve and I know I said I felt bad for teasing you all with secret projects but, here I am again teasing you with secret projects, haha.

One thing that I LOVE to do, that I always realize that people don't know that I do is logos!  I honestly can't think of  a bigger honor than someone wanting MY artwork to be the visual representation of their business.  It's totally mind blowing!  So when Fern reached out to have me create the logo for her new jewelry shop Wild Fern I was so incredibly excited.  Fern is an absolute sweet heart, and a vegan makeup princess and it was so fun and so exciting to get to work with her creating some awesome artwork for this new venture of hers.  I loved getting to play with crystals and make something that was a little bit of magic - I don't get to work with this type of imagery or subject matter very often and it was so refreshing to get to switch it up and work on something that fit this part of my personality too alongside someone that I so admire.  Fern's shop is opening soon so you definitely need to check it out for all of the cute crystal jewelry!

Around the same time I also got to team up with my gal pal and makeup maverick, Hailie Barber to create some freaking ADORABLE makeup pins.  Hailie is so sweet and inspiring and totally makes me wish that I had more than 15 minutes to get ready most days, but … #momlife so, you know how that goes.  It was a blast coming up with fun ideas with Hailie for these pins, we of course wanted something that incorporated some wit, adorable imagery, and the sweet pastel colors paired with bold accents that we both love so much.  Our Weapons of Choice and the signature Lipstick pin launched this week and I could not be more stoked on them and you are all just blowing me away with your support.  These pins are still available in VERY limited quantities here.

FINALLY, my design collaboration with Cantiq lingerie just went live today - now I LOVE lingerie. and painting. and butts.  So when Chelsea from Cantiq asked me to combine all three together I was elated.  I had SO much fun working on this Thick Thighs Save Lives artwork - her new shop All Right Collective just opened in California today and these prints are lining the shelves there and in her online store and what an honor to get to work with one of my favorite brands and get to know the incredible boss babe behind it.

I can't tell you guys how happy I am about all of these incredible opportunities, and to finally get to share them with you.  It's been a lot of work, and even more fun.  Do you have a favorite?  I'd love to hear which one!


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