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A HOLLADay Giveaway! *Giveaway Closed*

There is something so magical about this time of year.  The holidays are undoubtably a little crazy around here, (between being a small business owner, and the most "extra" mom on the planet) but I just can't get enough.  It seems like I am go-go-going from November right up until Christmas morning making everything perfect, and magical, and fun.  From packing up mountains of orders of fun punny art from my shop for all of you to gift to your loved ones, to creating beautiful custom pieces of artwork to bring on those happy tears for my customers on Christmas morning, or scheming up the most clever and hilarious antics for our Elf On The Shelf, Buddy to get into each night, I love it all.  Give me all the hot cocoa, candy canes, holiday scents, warm fuzzy blankets, gift wrap and bows and let me have my way with it, I LOVE the holidays.

Beyond all the excitement and the frills of the twinkling lights and decorations, I just love the sentiment at the center of it all - the love, the caring, and the giving part of the holiday season.  I love the grand gestures of picking out or making a super special gift for someone that I know they will absolutely love and all of the random acts of kindness we can do for others to brighten their day and lighten their load a little bit.  I think I will always be a bit of a child at heart when it comes to this season, I am just so consumed in the wonder of it all.

It is also such an incredible time to get together and spend time with all of the people that we love the most.  I love seeing the friends and relatives visiting from afar and to catch up and spend a day just having fun together.  There always seems to be something special happening this time of year, from baking parties to full on ugly sweater fun, there are so many reasons to celebrate and add a little extra love and cheer to this time of year!

SO when Unique Vintage reached out again to do another fun giveaway to celebrate the holidays, I of course was all in!  Who needs more of a reason to grab a cute dress and accessorize it with some fun pins than the holidays, right?

If you love the holidays as much as we do, and you'd like to win a $50 Gift Card to Unique Vintage as well as my HOLLADay Punny Pin collection, you my friend are in luck.  Because SOMEONE is going to do just that!


Entering is super simple!  Literally all you have to do is comment on this post and tell us what your favorite thing about the holiday season is.  THAT'S IT.  You can even get a bonus entry if you follow both @honeyandthehive and @uniquevintage on Instagram (just let us know in the comments what your username is).  We'll be picking a winner on Friday December 22nd!  So spread a little Christmas cheer!

Outfit details:
All clothing was provided by Unique Vintage!
HollaDay Punny Pins by me, Honey and the Hive!

All photos by Alycia Choroszucha, to see her entire body of work, find her here: www.alyciasea.com

Thanks so much to everyone who entered our giveaway and congratulations to our winner, Celia Gonzalez!  Please email hello@byhoneyandthehive.com to claim your prize!


  1. Everything about Christmas time is amazing to me but my favourite is the lights, nothing better than relaxing with nothing but the tree to light you up. So cozy and joyful !
    I also follow both of you on insta ! @beezors is my handle

  2. Christmas desserts and baking would have to be my favorite part of the holidays. I mean come on, who doesn't love an excuse to make more pie!
    I follow both accounts from @promisejoydesigns <3

  3. I love all the warm, cozy, happy feels.
    People go out of their way to be nice.
    It just feels like what we wish the rest of the year was like.

    IG: hannahmaryputterman

  4. My favorite thing about the holidays is all the lights. It gets a little dreary in the winter, and for some reason, just seeing Christmas lights and displays just brightens my day.

    And yes, I follow both! @ohyouvandal

  5. Every aspect of Christmas is magical! From lights, decorating, yummy food, movie binging and family baking makes my heart warm and fuzzy inside! No better feeling than celebrating with your offspring & loved ones and watching them unwrap gifts you handpicked yourself.❤️ Instagram handles are @giseluuh23 & @ptreatsandsweets (following on both!)

  6. I just like the coziness of it all! Watching movies,she and him Christmas vinyl, hot cocoa, making a Christmas list with my kiddos it’s all good!! My insta is @thehappyhoopla

  7. I love EVERYTHING about Christmas. One of my favorite parts is actually wrapping presents!! Call me crazy, but I find it relaxing!

    I follow both! IG: lor_lor83

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  9. My favorite thing about the holidays is by far the decorations! I love to decorate my house and go with my family to see the trees and gingerbread houses at local hotels and Disneyland! Oh, and the sweets as well!! I’m a long time fan and Instagram follower: xo_alicia_rose Happy Holidays!! XO Alicia

  10. I love making gifts for my family for Christmas! My instagram is instagram.com/crochet.by.ellen

    Ellen Bergmann

  11. Christmas Eve with my family - watching football, opening gifts, eating food, enjoying a few beers, terrible karaoke. I love and cherish it all so much!

  12. Making Christmas cookies every year with my mom and siblings! ❤️
    And I follow both! @allisonbrion

  13. I love the holidays because despite the chaos of the season, everything seems to slow down just enough to spend really lovely time with those near and dear. Happy holidays to you and yours!
    Oh and I follow both! @mer.bear.s

  14. The best part about the holidays is being with my family. It’s a huge Mexican family and my sisters and mom got together on Christmas Eve morning to start the tamales. That is something I have been a part of since I was a little girl. We play Christmas songs, laugh, gossip, and best of all, we get fits dibs on all the yummy tamales. Now, as we are all adults with our own little families, we still get together but now my nieces and nephews are a part of the tradition. It’s the best. I follow both! @battycakes1

  15. My favorite thing about the Holidays is literally just spending Christmas Eve with my family eating all the food and desserts!! My family is Salvadorean so it’s fun making Pupusas with my mom, and baking some dessert with my sister in law! Also I look forward to the holiday season to decorate our house and the Christmas tree!!! The smell of pine is amazing!!!! I follow both! @ainessey_

    -Yessenia R

  16. My favorite thing about the holidays is how kind people are! Everyone goes out of their way to smile and spread good vibes - it's the best!
    My Instagram is @jellihan!

  17. I love decorations and being with family! My instagram is lola_the_writer !

  18. I don't know if my comment posted properly, but I really love that the country seems to get a bit softer around this time. Everyone tries a little harder to be kind to one another. It's just a time to really stop and appreciate the people you have around you. 😊 My user name is @esseffcee. I follow both yours and Unique Vintage's account!

  19. My favourite thing about Christmas is the family time. My mum used to be the queen of organising Christmas, since she passed family Christmas has just become more and more important, spend time together while you can. Since getting a little older celebrating qith my own 'family' (the ones you choose) has become equally important.
    I follow both you and unique vintage o instagram, my account name is miss._r and I love how your puns brighten up my feed!


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