Well, hey there.

I’m Kelsey DeLange: wife, mother, encourager, and the artist behind Honey and the Hive. Welcome to By Honey and the Hive, a lifestyle journal dedicated to living intentionally, crafting a beautiful life, and seeking magic in the every day.

Kelsey DeLange

An Introduction

Well hello there!  I'm Kelsey, the busy little bee behind Honey and the Hive.  I'm so excited to share with you my new little adventure!  I've been working so hard making this little space in internet land a reality, and I can't wait to show you some of the things I have up my sleeve.  Get ready for some peeks into my work and studio, recipes, crafts, and tons of fun!

 I spent a lot of time thinking of what my first post should be - I'm one of those weirdos that buys a new sketchbook (or heck, even a notebook) and I can't seem to do anything with the first page because a first-anything always seems a little intimidating, doesn't it?  So this is me leaping in, I promise it's going to get a whole lot better as we go along.


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